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Why would a workplace need menopause therapeutic coaching?

Women in midlife and perimenopause are the fastest growing demographic in the workplace. But despite this, many women are left feeling overlooked and unsupported by their employers during this challenging life stage.

According to a recent survey by Han Law 75% of women in this group are facing daily challenges due to lack of support by managers and lack of flexibility in their roles.

Only 23% of the 3000 women surveyed felt that their employers took menopause seriously. 98% had experienced symptoms but 85% did NOT feel comfortable talking to their employers about their struggles. In a survey by Newson Health, as many as 1 in 10 women reported that they have left their job due to menopause symptoms. The results of these surveys really highlight that many organisations still need to do a lot more to support their midlife and menopausal talent.

Retain Talent, Reduce Costs

Many women step back from their senior roles, avoid going for promotion or leave their job altogether during perimenopause. An employer that creates a supportive, inclusive and flexible work environment can help to retain their experienced and valuable midlife talent. Reducing the costs of absenteeism, sickness, stress and burnout, or of having to replace often very senior, experienced executives.

Women in perimenopause often reach a pivotal point where they are thriving in their careers yet balancing the challenges of work, family, relationships, and perimenopause symptoms. This 'juggle' frequently results in valuable employees stepping back or leaving their careers to manage these demands.

Therapeutic coaching offers clients the opportunity to explore their experiences and emotions fully. This thoughtful pause can help them identify a clear and positive path forward.

Why Therapeutic Coaching?

Therapeutic coaching stands out from standard executive coaching by taking a holistic approach, fostering both personal and professional growth for employees. This method can help to:

Promote Well-Being: Using a mind/body approach, we can enhance mental and emotional health, reduce stress, and build resilience among employees.

Create Employee Satisfaction: Employees who feel supported and understood by their organizations experience greater job satisfaction, resilience under pressure, and increased productivity.

Nurture Talent: Therapeutic coaching supports employee development, facilitating their transition into leadership roles or greater responsibilities while managing stress and enhancing skill development.

By offering therapeutic coaching employers can better support their female employees during this transition and provide them with the necessary tools and resources to manage their symptoms and continue to perform at their best. At Master your Midlife we can also provide support and advice on policies that can work, alongside coaching, to create the supportive environment your employees need.

Get in touch to find out more about our bespoke coaching packages.

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