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Why would I need therapeutic life cooaching?

Unsure what therapeutic coaching is, or how it can help you?

Therapeutic coaching goes further and takes you deeper than traditional coaching. Drawing on elements from therapeutic modalities we look at, not only where you are and want to be, but what got you to where you are in the first place. Taking time to explore long held beliefs and historical events, improves our understanding of where we find ourselves at the present time.

Why would I need therapeutic coaching during perimenopause?

This is often a time of huge change in a woman’s life. Not only in terms of the physical and emotional symptoms associated with menopause. But it is often a time of huge personal and professional change.

Many women at this stage find themselves feeling 'crushed' under the weight of the responsibilities of midlife - kids, ageing parents, careers, business, relationship issues. Combined with the perimenopause and the problems, physically, mentally and emotionally, that this can create and we have a 'perfect storm'. No wonder so many midlife women are feeling the strain!

Therapeutic coaching can help you to deal with past issues that may be keeping you stuck. Whilst working to create a clear path forward to whatever your goals for midlife are!

We help you to 'pause' take a deep breath and really gain clarity on what you want from the next half of your life.

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