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About me

Emily Gilliland

Hi! I'm Emily

Founder of Master your Midlife

Therapeutic coach, menopause coach, women's health specialist personal trainer and massage therapist.

Having worked in the women's health space for a decade as a specialist women's health personal trainer and massage therapist, working with women at the "big crossroads" of life - pregnancy, postnatal and menopause... I quickly realised that women, especially in midlife, need more than just movement or nutrition, or self care (although all of these things are essential!). They also need space to pause and really assess where they are in life, what's causing them turmoil or self esteem issues, why what's always worked just isn't working any longer. 
I knew I needed to be able to go deeper with the women I work with, so I retrained as a therapeutic coach. Helping women in midlife to explore what they need from this next stage of life, to be heard and seen and held in a compassionate and safe space. Master your Midlife was born from this need, to create a space for women where they can truly pause and make the big shifts they need to navigate their midlife journey with a new found confidence and self-compassion. 


Therapeutic coach

Burrell Education

Diploma in Therapeutic coaching

Menopause Coach

Burrell Education

3rd Age Woman

Massage Therapist

Pro Active training

Sports massage therapy, Trigger point theapy, Kinesiotaping

Postnatal Fitness 

JMG Consulting

Postnatal Fitness specialist

Pregnancy fitness

Lifestime training

Exercise in pregnancy

Personal trainer


Personal trainer, special populations (pregnancy/postnatal, older adults and medical referrals) fitness instructor

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