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Corporate Therapeutic Coaching

Why choose therapeutic coaching for your peri/menopausal employees?

Therapeutic coaching takes an holistic approach to coaching. Going deeper than traditional business or life coaching to tap into the heart of any issues. Often what is happening in the 'mind' is informed by what is happening in the body and therapeutic coaching allows us to tap into these feelings, find their source and move forward. 

Women in perimenopause often find themselves at a crossroads, flying high in their careers but juggling the pressures of work, family and relationships alongside perimenopause symptoms. The impacts of which are often valuable employees stepping down, or back, from their careers in order to cope.

Therapeutic coaching gives the client space and time to really tap into what is happening, sit with their feelings and often this pause is enough to enable them to see a clear and positive path forward.

Why choose Master your Midlife for your corporate therapeutic coaching?

At Master your Midlife we believe in looking at the whole person, mind, body and spirit to make real and lasting impact. Our approach blends therapeutic coaching with many years of specialist knowledge of women's health to create a unique coaching experience. Helping women navigate the demands of midlife, their careers and personal lives. Together we work to help women understand the 'why?' behind how they are feeling, manage their stress and cultivate their resilience in order to thrive in their professional and personal lives.

Our Services:

1-2-1 therapeutic coaching delivered via Zoom (face to face available in the Surrey area). Sessions address more than simply your employee's career and business lives. We look at what else is happening and affecting the individual, from navigating menopause, family issues, caring responsibilities, juggling motherhood and career to managing health conditions. Therapeutic coaching is a gentle, somatic approach utilising breathwork, meditation and talking to get to the heart of any problems. By taking this approach we can help your employees avoid burnout, manage their stress and mental load and help to retain a productive and motivated workforce. 

80% of women in menopause work

99%* of women in perimenopause said symptoms had a negative impact on their careers. With over 1/3 calling the impact significant.

*Newson Health survey

59% take time off due to perimenopause symptoms

18% take 8 or more weeks off due to these symptoms. 

But only 5.2% cited menopause as the cause on sickness forms/certificates.

Over 4 million women over 50 in workplace in UK

This number is ever increasing and with perimenopause for many women beginning in their late 30's or early 40's - the number of women affected by symptoms at work is higher still.

Almost 3/4 of organisations have no menopause policy

Women are leaving roles and passing up on promotion opportunities due to perimenopause symptoms and a lack of support in their organisations. We can help your company buck this trend.

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How is Therapeutic coaching different?

Therapeutic coaching differs from standard executive coaching in its holistic approach. Nurturing your employees and allowing them to thrive on both a personal and professional level. This can help to:

Promote well-being:
By taking a mind/body approach we can improve employee mental and emotional health, reducing stress and building resilience. 

Reduce costs:
Your investment in therapeutic coaching will reduce the costs associated with absenteeism, health care claims, sickness, stress and burnout. As well as retaining valuable staff. 

Create employee satisfaction:
Employees who feel supported and understood by their organisations are more satisfied with work, more resilient under pressure and more productive. 

Nurture talent:
Therapeutic coaching sessions can help to support employee development. Transitioning into leadership roles or greater responsibilities whilst managing stress and nurturing skill development.

Reduce absenteeism
Retain talent

A supportive workplace can help to reduce the impact of menopause symptoms on work performance and decrease absenteeism.

Creating a supportive and inclusive workplace environment can increase employee job satisfaction and improve retention rates.

With women over 50 becoming the fastest growing demographic in the workplace and as many as 1 in 10 women reporting they have left their job due to menopause symptoms, employers who offer their perimenopausal employees therapeutic coaching support will find their investment returned by retaining valuable and productive talent.

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Perimenopause & Menopause Coaching

Coaching for employees and managers

We also offer 1-2-1 and group coaching and support to managers, and HR professionals to help them create a supportive work environment for women going through menopause.

By offering therapeutic coaching employers can better support their female employees during this transition and provide them with the necessary tools and resources to manage their symptoms and continue to perform at their best.
At Master your Midlife we can also provide support and advice on policies that can work, alongside coaching, to create the supportive environment your employees need.

Get in touch to find out more about our bespoke coaching packages.

Menopause workshops & training

Our menopause workshops and trainings can be delivered live online via zoom or in person at your organisation. 


Perimenopause 101

  • What is perimenopause? And menopause?

  • Symptoms - an in depth look at common and less known symptoms

  • Managing symptoms

  • Supporting the menopause journey at work and home

  • Advocating for yourself and colleagues

  • Holistic approaches - nutrition, HRT and lifestyle changes

  • Q&As

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Happy workers

Menopause for managers & leaders

  • Menopause overview

  • Understanding and spotting symptoms

  • Understanding the potential impact on performance and employee satisfaction

  • Supporting staff and colleagues 

  • Opening up sensitive conversations

  • Creating support systems at work

  • Tips to help retain employees

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men working

Menopause for men

  • De-mystifying menopause - facts and fictions

  • Why men should care about menopause

  • Signs, symptoms and how to spot them

  • How to support colleagues and partners

  • Opening up sensitive conversations

  • Advocating for colleagues

  • Dos and Don'ts

  • Perimenopause 101 'cheat sheet'

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